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In this gallery we present some of our very finest mineral specimens!
Please feel free to ask for prices and further information.

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A59 - Calcite - SOLD
Egremont, Cumberland, England
Size: 9.3 x 5.6 x 4.8 cm

This is one of the most beautiful English clacites I have ever seen! Several crystals in diverging growth form a calcite specimen of breathtaking aesthetics. All of the crystals are highly lustrous and transparent, and tiny hematite inclusions add a splendid reddish-pink hue. Ex U. Burchard and Walter Knobloch collections.

A118 - Silver - SOLD
Kongsberg Silver Mining District, Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway
Size: 10.6 x 6.7 x 6.6 cm

Gorgeous silver wires on calcite matrix! Minor fluorite and acanthite is present in places. The piece has incredible aesthetics and great visual impact!

A77 - Benitoite - SOLD
Dallas Gem Mine (Benitoite Gem Mine), San Benito Co., California, USA
Size: 6 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm

Very sharp and nicely isolated benitoite crystals on natrolite matrix. Ex Steve Smale collection.

A68 - Vivianite - SOLD
Morococala Mine, Santa Fe Mining District, Dalence Province, Oruro Department, Bolivia
Size: 8.5 x 6.5 x 4 cm

Highly transparent crystal of vivianite perched on chalcopyrite and marcasite matrix. No damage.

A69 - Gold - SOLD
Eagle's Nest Mine, Placer Co., California, USA
Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm

Well crystallized gold on quartz matrix.

A122 - Crocoite - SOLD
Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia
Size: 8 x 5 x 5 cm

A wonderful spray of perfect crocoite crystals perched on a nicely contrasting matrix! One of the very best pieces from the recent finds.

LI03 - Liddicoatite - SOLD
Estatoby, Sahatana Valley, Antananarivo Prov., Madagascar
Size: 14 x 8 x 7 cm

What a huge and well formed crystal of milticoloured liddicoatite! Indeed, the quality combined with the size is truly amazing!

MU02 - Stephanite - SOLD
Grube Himmelfahrt, Freiberg, Saxony, Germany
Size: 4.8 x 2.7 x 1.8 cm

Sharp, well-formed and isolated stephanite crystal perched on white calcite crystals! The stephanite measures 21 mm across and is accompanied by small pyrargyrite crystals. This specimen comes with an old historic box, an old label stating "Melanglanz" and the newspaper where it was wrapped. That piece of newspaper is dated march 25, 1913! The lustre is very fresh and brilliant which proves that the piece has been kept in the dark since it was found. What a gorgeous sample of this rare silver sulfosalt!

CB29 - Smoky Quartz Gwindel - SOLD
Val Giuv, Surselva, Kanton Graub√ľnden, Switzerland
Size: 5.3 x 5 x 1.6 cm

WOW! This is a half-closed half-open gwindel of the very best quality one can look for! Ultra-rare shape, flawless transparency and gorgeous twist! It truly sets a standard for the exceedingly rare shape. Just mind-blowing!

CG04 - Smoky Quartz Gwindel - SOLD
Val Giuv, Surselva, Kanton Graub√ľnden, Switzerland
Size: 8 x 5.7 x 2.5 cm

WOW! This gwindel features incredible shape combined with perfect quality! It has all every gwindel collector is dreaming of. The pictures are just snapshots made in my hands, but they say it all. What a freaking killer!

OS08 - Strontianite - SOLD
Oberdorf an der Laming, Steiermark, Austria
Size: 7.5 x 6 x 5 cm

Incredibly fine cluster of strontianite and celestite crystals! This is one of the very best strontianites ever found at the locale! Freestanding bi-colour crystals of strontianite are very rare, and these piece features several of them! Just gorgeous!

AA87 - Rhodochrosite - SOLD
N'Chwaning Mine, Kuruman, Northern Cape Prov., South Africa
Size: 4.5 x 3 x 2.1 cm

Deep red, transparent like glass, high lustre and sharp scalenohedral crystals... this is what dreams are made of! Rhodochrosite at its very best in a superb miniature sized group. Very flashy and great visual impact!

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