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EH05 - Epidote with Byssolite - SOLD
Knappenwand, Untersulzbachtal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 5.2 x 2 x 1.8 cm

WOW! A lovely cluster of epidote crystals perched on byssolite matrix! Note, the epitote on the right is even doubly terminated. Excellent aesthetics and condition, one of the finest miniatures i have seen on the open market for a long time!

A385 - Epidote - SOLD
Knappenwand, Untersulzbachtal, Pinzgau, Salzburg, Austria
Size: 5.9 x 1.7 x 1 cm

This is top quality cluster of five epidote crystals in nearly parallel growth. The piece comes from older findings (not from the recent mining period) at the world-famous Knappenwand in the Untersulzbach valley. All terminations are in perfect condition, there is absolutely no damage and no repair! This is one of the very best miniatures from the locale we have ever owed!

A375 - Calcite - SOLD
Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith Co., Tennessee, USA
Size: 7.9 x 6.9 x 5.8 cm

A wonderful 7.1 cm wide butterfly twin on sphalerite matrix. The clarity is excellent, and also the colour is a very fine deep amber brown, as so typical of these. There is tiny rubbing present on the edges, but it is truly very small and not a detraction. Superb composition and showy all around! The sphalerites are very well formed on the rear side.

HD07 - Heliodor - SOLD
Ankazobe Town, Analamanga, Madagascar
Size: 7.1 x 2.8 x 1.2 cm

Lovely "red cap" heliodor from a recent find in Madagascar.

CI09 - Tourmaline - SOLD
Paprok, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
Size: 5.9 x 3.9 x 3.4 cm

Two lustrous freestanding tourmaline crystals attractively set on snowy white matrix. The crystals show this typical pastell pink with sharp terminated greenish zoning at their end-points. The saturation is more intense than common material, also the aesthetic assemble with matrix makes this piece stand out the crowd. A well balanced, undamaged and unrepaired specimen!

PM43 - Baryte - SOLD
Herja Mine, Chiuzbaia, Baia Mare, Maramure»ô Co., Romania
Size: 10.3 x 6.8 x 6.3 cm

Sparkling blue barite blades forming a very 3-dimensional specimen. The piece is in great condition and looks beautiful from either side. An old label is coming with the piece. Special side note on the back side of the label: 15. march 1988 "for pulling out a tooth" (the collector who got the rock was a dentist - oouch!)

A710 - Tourmaline - SOLD
Mawi, Laghman Province, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
Size: 6 x 2.9 x 2.1 cm

A group of 3 glossy crystals, all sharply terminated. They show attractive pastell colors - pink in the center; mint-green outer zones. The base is partly covered with lepidolite. The assemble looks very aesthetic all around. No significant damages to report, bottom was on the rock.

A704 - Wulfenite - SOLD
Grube Stefanie, Bleiberg, Kärnten, Austria
Size: 9.9 x 7.8 x 4.6 cm

Deep orange wulfenite crystals from Grube Stephanie, the type locality of the species. The matrix is almost fully covered by bright and sparkling crystals. This is an excellent sample from this classic locality, way above average level and very hard to obtain today. No significant damage to report.

BC43 - Brucite - SOLD
Killa Saifullah, Balochistan, Pakistan
Size: 5.3 x 4.6 x 1.6 cm

Bright yellow ball-shaped aggregates of brucite in a lovely cluster composition. The colour is the best i have seen so far, and the luster is superb as well!

FX07 - Fluorite - SOLD
Judith Lynn Claim, Pine Canyon deposit, West Burro Mts., Burro Mountains Distr., Grant Co., New Mexico, USA
Size: 11.8 x 7.5 x 6.7 cm

This material is usually only labeled with "Burro Mts." or "Grant Co.", but to be excat: it is from a small dsicovery at Judith Lynn Claim. These specimens are very special: they show two different colors and two different habits: sharp terminated, dark violet octahedrons and pale green cubes. The quantity of this material was always limited and the discovery was decades ago - so this one represents a great rarity.

A581 - Fluorite - SOLD
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Mun. de Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Size: 12.5 x 8.9 x 6 cm

The fluorite crystals are up to 24mm on edges, a really remarkable dimension for this well known locality. All four main crystals are isolated - that is an important indicator, as most pieces show just intergrown crystals. The largest one at the top is the most exposed one! Their faces are partly glossy, also the clarity is very good and the color is as good as it ever could be from Ojuela. So this specimen unifies quality, color, exceptional crystal size and aesthetic assemble! No significant damages to report.

GI08 - Demantoid - SOLD
Belqeys Mountain, Takab, West Azarbaijan Province, Iran
Size: 4.6 x 3.5 x 2.8 cm

A large and lustrous garnet crystal perched on nicely contrasting host rock. The garnet crystal measures 20 mm across, and it has excellent deep green colour!